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How To Make A Bunny Rabbit Masks Instructions
Bunny Rabbit Masks
bunny masks  
How To Make A Bunny Mask : Make a bunny mask from a paper plate. Our bunny mask even comes with an Easter bonnet for your rabbit to wear.

Pretend to be a cute easter bunny rabbit with this fun easter craft using paper plates, toilet paper holder for a bunny nose and whiskers! Top your easter bonnet with paper flowers to make it festive and maybe even join the Easter parade!
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

What Does The Easter Bunny Have To Do With Easter? The story of the a bunny laying eggs and hiding them for children to find on Easter morning comes from European literary stories circulated in the 1500s. Germany immigrants coming to America in the 1700s introduced the tradition to the people of their new land. This is clearly a children's fantasy because a Bunny does not lay eggs even jelly bean eggs like Hop .. lol!

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Craft Supplies Needed
1. 2 White Paper Plates
2. Toilet paper tube
3. pipe cleaners
4. Construction paper - pink, black
5. White foam paper
6. Construction paper for paper flowers
7. Purple tissue papers
8. Tools : Scissors, Hole Puncher, Glue
9. Elastic

Instructions To Make A Bunny Rabbit Masks :
1. Cut out a triangle from a paper plate where your bunny nose would be located on your bunny mask.
2. Take another paper plate, draw a bow shape on a paper plate and cut it out. The left over pieces are in the shape of bunny ears.
3. Cut out a tear shape in pink paper and glue them into the inside of your rabbit ears.
4. Measure and draw and cut out the eye holes. Add bunny eye lashes with black construction paper. Cut out a 1 X 2 inch rectangle, then cut lashes into it. Curl them with a pencil, then glue them to your rabbit maks above your eyes.
5. Attach your bunny ears on top of the rabbit mask with a stapler.
6. Make an easter bonnet - Cut half of a paper plate, wrap with tissue paper, then fold the ends in and staple the brim of your easter bonnet to the face of your easter mask.
7. Draw paper flowers into construction paper with different colors. Add a yellow center to your flower. Glue them to your hat to close the gap between your bonnet and the head of your rabbit.
8. Make a bunny nose - Cut out a 1 inch piece of toilet paper tube. Wrap and glue it with pink construction paper.
9. Add whiskers to your bunny nose - Poke three holes in either side of your tube. Cut your pink pipe cleaners in half. Lace them through the holes to add the rabbit whiskers to your mask.
10. Add buck teeth to your bunny face mask - Cut out a 1 X 2 inch rectangle from white foam paper. Use a marker to make a line through the middle. Glue it to the bottom of your bunny nose.
11. Glue the rabbit nose to the face mask just above the triangle opening.
12. Punch two holes into the side of your mask and tie elastic band through each hole.
13. Now you have a great bunny mask to complete your bunny halloween costume or to wear make as an easter craft!

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