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How To Make A Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask Instructions
Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask
pumpkin mask  
Here is how to make a paper plate pumpkin mask the kids will love. You want a pumpkin halloween costume -- this face mask will be easy to make yourself into a pumpkin. Just wear an orange shirt with this pumpkin mask.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

For teachers, P is for pumpkin and this halloween mask craft is all about the pumpkin! Kids will love decorating their own pumpkin faces with glitter sticker paper. Make a funny pumpkin or a spooky pumpkin with an orange paper plate.

Instructions To Make A Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask :
1. Make your pumpkin mask eyes - turn your pumpkin over and draw the letter A where your eyes would go and cut it out without the center triangle.
2. Finish the face with a black triangle cut out of black glitter sticker paper for the nose. Then cut out a half moon for a mouth. Cut out teeth from white glitter sticker paper.
3. Draw vertical lines on your paper plate pumkin mask to make the veins in your pumpkin.
4. Now to make the stem and leaves - Cut out a 2 x 4 inch rectangle from brown foam paper. Draw a leaf pattern into green paper. Cut it out and trace it into another sheet to make two leaves. Using your marker add the veins in your leaves as well as
5. Using a stapler, attach your leaves to your pumpkin stem.
6. Staple the stem and leaves to the top of your pumpkin face mask.
7. You can hold your mask to your face with two hands, add a stick, or punch two holes in the side and tie string or elastic band through. .
8. Now you have made a halloween mask of a pumpkin. Teachers will love this craft when your kindergarten or preschoolers are learning the letter P!
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. Large orange paper plate
2. Black and white glitter sticker paper
3. Foam paper - green and brown for pumpkin stem and leaves
4. Black magic marker
5. Scissors

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